Shipping Information

Shipping usually takes 3-5 days , every order receives tracking information which is sent to your email which must be provided with the order. We ship to all 50 states . Missing items are refunded . It is the buyers responsibility to input the correct shipping information , we cannot do anything once the package leaves our hands . 


Why are all the snacks & sodas expensive? The reason all items are priced a little higher than regular snacks & sodas is because all items are imported from other countries, which makes the price higher due to shipping prices, and paying all suppliers there cut. We do provide some of the cheapest prices around, and one of the best selections .

Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes items are selected at random , we usually throw extra items into mystery boxes . If you are allergic to certain things or want to make a request for only snacks , only sodas , etc , you can leave a note for your order. If you'd like an all soda , or all snack mystery box , just leave us a note . If you'd like some extra cups or stickers for free leave a note .

Expiration Dates

Most countries use day, month ,year for expiration dates, and not month, day, year how united states products are labeled with expiration dates. Also for China products they have the production dates listed on most of their products . Some sodas are collectible , so the date might be pushed back a bit ,Nothing bad will happen if you drink expired soda , soda is usually good to drink 6-9 months after expiration date, the only thing that will happen if you drink soda a year past expiry is that it will lose carbonation & taste flat .

Sold Out Items

Snacks & sodas come and go , they usually get discontinued , so if you really like a certain item enjoy it while it lasts . We'd love to bring back items that are sold out , but sometimes it's out of our hands , due to the product not being made anymore .We do stay up to date on restocking & adding new items , but most items are only available for a few months , before its out of production .